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Bryan Harsin hits back at media criticism of his vaccine stance in 2021 – ‘devious’ and ‘unprofessional’

On Thursday, former Auburn University head coach Bryan Harsin quoted a tweet of a story from 2021 alleging that his vaccine stance was costing the team practice time.

“Let’s be clear, Bryan Harsin’s culture of confusion on vaccines is costing the team valuable practice time during fall camp. On top of that, the coach’s refusal to promote vaccination has divided the fanbase and endangered public health,” Joe Goodman of AL.com tweeted back in August of 2021.

Harsin took to X on Thursday to address the statement now that he is far removed from being Auburn’s head coach:

“Stories like these from local ‘journalists’ erode confidence in the media. Not one point made can be substantiated and everything is completely opinion based. It’s devious & unprofessional,” he said.

In a second vaccine related social media activity over the last day, Harsin re-tweeted a story surrounding a Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman who had a seizure and went into cardiac arrest at practice:

After receiving $15.3 million from Auburn in his buyout agreement following one of the most disastrous tenures in recent SEC history, Harsin does not seem extremely urgent to get back into coaching rather than tweeting his views.

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