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Bruce Pearl: It ‘blows my mind’ that anyone LGBTQ can support Hamas, who would have them ‘killed’

In an interview with Campus Reform, Auburn head basketball coach Bruce Pearl drew attention to an irony he views between LGBTQ people in the United States and personally or politically supporting terrorist group Hamas. Pearl argues LGBTQ individuals would not be able to openly identify with their lifestyle under their law without persecution and possibly being “killed,” he says. WATCH:

“It blows my mind that somehow there is a connection between the LGBT community and Palestinian suffering or Islamic cause or Hamas. If you are gay, and you are in certain parts of areas controlled by Hamas in Gaza…you’re going to be killed. That’s not allowed,” Pearl said.

“But yet somehow those groups can come together and it’s okay to just hate Jews, that’s our common denominator. And that’s out there…October 7 and April 13 were enormous wake up calls for Jewish Americans that don’t think the Holocaust is possible again…Israel is under attack every day. If we lose Israel, where exactly are we supposed to go?”

He emphasized that Israel, even among elected officials in America, does not have enough support.

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“In this country right now, there are many elected officials that are supporting Hamas and are supporting Israel’s enemies that call for her death. Right here in this country we are seeing Death to America chants, Death to Israel, Death to the Jews. It’s not how I want it,” he said.

When news broke on Wednesday morning that at least 7 Israelis were injured in an explosive drone attack, Pearl weighed in once again and said that Israelis simply want to go to work and wake up without the fear of being killed:

“Good morning! Just heading to work in Auburn Alabama! In Israel they have to worry that they might get hit by a rocket! Today’s attack most likely came from Hezbollah in Lebanon sponsored by Iran. But much of the world says that Israel shouldn’t do anything more to escalate! Where else on Earth is this act of War, on a daily basis, acceptable? Israel’s don’t want war..they just want to get up this morning, go to work and not worry about running into a rocket. And the reason they are attacked? For being Jewish and living in the land God promised them! I moved to Auburn Alabama 10 years ago and I’ve got to get to work. God Bless America!” he tweeted.

Michael Brauner is a Senior Sports Analyst and Contributing Writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @MBraunerWNSP

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