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Brooks: Enterovirus entering US coincides with Obama enticing illegals to cross border

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL5) on Thursday during an interview with Birmingham conservative talk radio host Matt Murphy said that the timing of the recent spread of the enterovirus in the United States coincides with what he referred to as President Obama’s “enticement” of illegal immigrant children to cross America’s southern border.

“Why the CDC is refusing to go into detail about the potential causes of (enterovirus) is noteworthy,” Brooks said. “When you only have 26 reports of it in the American population over a 36 year period… and to suddenly have 700 that coincide with the President’s decision to entice these illegal alien children into America without proper medical screening… That’s noteworthy.

“You have the first significant reports of (enterovirus) in the United States happen to coincide with Kansas City and Chicago — areas where the President had distributed some of these illegal alien children, rather than reuniting them with their families back home, which, to me, I think was the much more compassionate thing to do… But the President wanted to keep them separate from their families and distributed them around the United States…”

The “enticement” Brooks mentioned presumably refers to the Obama Administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. DACA granted administrative ‘legal’ status and work authorization to many illegal immigrants, which many conservative lawmakers say has led central Americans to flock across the border illegally in hopes of being granted amnesty through executive action.

Brooks also offered a hypothesis as to why the President would purposefully entice illegal immigrants to cross the border into the United States.

“…presumably because he sees them long term as people who are going to be reliant on the federal government for welfare benefits,” he said, “and hence reliable Democrat voters.”

The enterovirus segment of Matt Murphy’s Mo Brooks interview can be heard in the video above.