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Britt: ‘If President Biden isn’t mentally fit enough to stand in a courtroom, then he’s not fit to stand in the Situation Room’

U.S. Senator Katie Britt joined Larry Kudlow on FOX Business late last week following a report issued by the U.S. Justice Department that labeled President Biden’s memory as “hazy,” “fuzzy, “faulty,” and “poor.” It also noted that Biden couldn’t remember when he was Vice President or when his eldest son, Beau died.

In an attempt to discredit the report, Biden appeared in an extremely rare impromptu press conference, which seemingly backfired after Biden called the Egyptian President Abdel Fatah El-Sisi the “President of Mexico.”

On Saturday, Kudlow posed the question to Sen. Britt: “Is Mr. Biden capable of remaining as commander and chief?”


“Look I think what we have seen both the weakness he has exhibited but what we all saw last night,” Britt said. “I think that press conference confirmed America’s greatest fears and that is not only that we clearly have a two tiered justice system which we saw when that report came out, but obviously that he is not mentally fit to serve as commander in chief.”

“When you read that report, if you believe what that report said which is that he is not mentally competent to stand trial, he is certainly not competent to stand in the situation room.”

Austen Shipley is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News.

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