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Britt: Biden to blame for playing politics with military

The mainstream media is using a slow August news cycle to attack Alabama values and the stand being taken by conservative leaders against recklessness from Democrats in Washington, according to U.S. Sen. Katie Britt. 

In an appearance this morning on WVNN’s “The Dale Jackson Show,” Britt expressed, at greater length, a fundamental argument to end the Biden-era Department of Defense abortion travel policy. 

When asked about support for fellow Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s procedural hold on nominations, Britt said, “It’s disgusting what the media will do.”

“Listen, the issue here is President Biden has inserted politics into the Pentagon. And he is absolutely and completely wrong. In doing that, the media will not tell you the real story,” Britt said.

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“A woman who is eight months pregnant, can go on the taxpayer dime for three weeks to go and have an abortion in a different state, and we’ll pay for her after she takes the life of that child at eight months pregnant, we’ll pay for her to go to Ruby Tuesdays and have dinner.

“It is absolutely, totally unacceptable.”

She contrasted the policy with a servicemember losing a parent or sibling, which is handled on their own dime. 

“But if they want to go take the life of their child at eight months pregnant, that’s on us. It violates the spirit of the Hyde Amendment,” Britt said. 

A Pentagon spokesperson said Wednesday, “A servicemember in Alabama deserves to have the same access [to abortion] as a servicemember in California as a servicemember stationed in Korea.”

When it comes to the holds on nominations, Britt said Majority Leader Chuck Schumer can hold votes on the nominations at any time – but seemingly refuses to do so. 

“We could be sitting in Washington, D.C., and confirming every single one of these promotions,” she said. “And I am more than willing to do that. And I am sure that my colleagues are as well. But Chuck Schumer refuses to do that because he wants to play politics.”

Britt sounded off on another flashpoint between Alabama and a politicized Pentagon. 

It’s been widely reported this week that U.S. Space Command Gen. James Dickinson, a Colorado native and resident, has purchased a 20-acre property and “dream house” in proximity to the military installation he reportedly had a tie-breaking role in influencing the support of. 

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“The ability to try to keep Space Command in Colorado, I believe was absolutely nefarious,” Britt said. 

“If you look at what he did, if you look at the timeline, if you look at them investing in different things, in this temporary Space Command Headquarters in Colorado, attempting to sure it up in a way that was outside the bounds of what was directed by Congress, just completely and totally unacceptable.”

She said thanks in large measure to the oversight authority wielded by Rep. Mike Rogers as chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, the entire Alabama delegation will return from August recess with guns blazing. 

“Elections have consequences. So we have Republicans in charge of the house, we have Democrats in charge of the Senate – but I believe on both sides – people are going to want to make sure that you don’t have the military going rogue,” Britt said. “So both from an authorization perspective and an appropriation perspective, we’re going to be doing everything we can to not only get the answers to make sure that once this is all over Space Command is in Huntsville, Alabama.

“It’s absolutely not over.”

Grayson Everett is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @Grayson270

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