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Birmingham woman puts her life back together after devastating loss

William Robertson followed his passion down rural roads and city streets, his love for cycling inspiring many others in the Birmingham area to climb on their bicycles and ride.

Four years ago today, Robertson was pedaling down Highway 75 in rural Blount County when a pickup truck struck him. Robertson, who worked in Alabama Power’s Real Estate department,  died while two other bicyclists were hurt.

Robertson’s widow, Diane Welch Robertson, still grieves over her devastating loss, even as she has learned to live a fulfilling life without her soulmate.

“In these four years, I’ve kept getting up and kept moving forward,’’ she says. Helping her son with his business was “a lifeline” that gave her a reason to get up every day.

“I think that’s important, to find something to hold onto, because grief is a spirit and it will take you all the way out,” Diane says.

Watch the video to learn more about how Diane Welch Robertson has put her life back together “one day at a time.”

(Courtesy of Alabama NewsCenter)

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