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Bessemer’s aerospace and aviation charter school set to open

Alabama Aerospace and Aviation High School (AAHS), a new, free public charter school dedicated to educating the aviation and aerospace leaders of tomorrow, is set to open its doors on August 22.

The aviation-focused public charter school curriculum will be aligned to meet the industry standards. In addition to hands-on, experiential instruction, AAHS will provide clearly-defined pathways for students to enter aviation and aerospace careers.

“Our students learn in rigorous classrooms that are engaging and technologically advanced,” AAHS founder Ruben Morris stated. “AAHS students also develop complex technical skills through real-world learning opportunities facilitated by industry professionals in the workplace. We prepare students to be successful in college, the military, and the larger aerospace, defense and aviation industry.”

Morris further said, “We have developed bridge-building partnerships across higher education and the aviation and aerospace industry that will create unique opportunities for students to gain real-world experience and industry-recognized credentials before they graduate high school.”

The goal for the charter school is to use Alabama’s existing aviation and aerospace industry to prepare students for careers.

The school is currently available to 9th and 10th-grade students for the inaugural year. It is free to attend and will be located on the campus of Fountain of Life Church at 1414 2nd Ave North in Bessemer.

AAHS will serve students from Bessemer but also from the surrounding communities.

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