Young golfers had a unique opportunity to kick off Regions Tradition week by participating in the first Junior Regions Tradition Sunday. But in addition to getting to tee off on the same course the golf pros will compete on later this week, junior players also got to hear from a financial pro.

Drew Miller, Financial Wellness relationship manager, presented Regions’ Next Step “Banking Basics for Students” seminar to the young players and their families as they enjoyed lunch following the trophy presentation. Miller, who has five children of his own, understands the importance of teaching money management skills to youths.

“It’s never too early to start thinking about saving,” Miller shared with the crowd. “By making savings a habit now, you’re setting yourself up for success later.”


He encouraged the young players to think about ways they could start saving today: by putting away half of any cash or check gifts they receive for their birthday; saving money they make from babysitting, cutting grass or other jobs; and even pocketing the money they may be considering feeding to a vending machine for a soda. After all, saving money, like playing golf, requires discipline.

In addition to sharing savings tips, Miller discussed the importance of using credit responsibly, avoiding identity theft, and setting both short- and long-term goals.

Several of the young Junior Regions Tradition players shared their personal financial goals. One of them was saving for a four-wheeler. Others were already putting money away and dreaming of their first car.

“It’s encouraging to see some of these kids already have savings accounts and are thinking about financial goals,” said Miller. “I’d love to see some of them in the Regions Tradition in years to come and want them to be financially prepared for their earnings.”

(Courtesy of Regions)