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Analysis: State Senate GOP promotes conservative accomplishments

Alabama Senate Majority Leader Clay Scofield (R-Guntersville) and the Alabama Senate Republican Caucus have released a video promoting their legislative accomplishments during the 2023 regular legislative session.

Some disgruntled conservatives occasionally grumble the Legislature is not conservative enough. Scofield pushed back against that narrative, saying that during this session the Alabama Legislature passed “some of the strongest conservative bills in the nation.”

Scofield said Senate Republicans cut taxes, took a stand against ESG investment standards, put fentanyl dealers in jail, and supported farmers.

“This legislative session we passed some of the strongest conservative bills in the nation,” Scofield said. “I am proud of my colleagues in the Senate for working hard this session to serve their constituents.”

The Legislature cut taxes – the biggest being a cut in the state sale tax on groceries.

“When thinking of our most impactful new laws it is important to take note of the bills that cut taxes and helped all Alabamians by lowering the burden on our hard-working folks,” Scofield. “The Senate passed several pieces of legislation to keep money in the pockets of our taxpayers and small businesses.”

The Legislature was also concerned with corporations making investments over environmental and social concerns rather than to get the best return for their stockholders.

“We passed one of the strongest anti-ESG in the nation to protects funds in Alabama and fight against the woke liberal influence across America,” Scofield said.

Citing the large number of deaths by drug overdoses, mostly due to fentanyl, Scofield said the lawmakers have taken action.

“Top of mind for the Alabama Senate Republicans each session is protecting our family and children,” Scofield said. “This session we buckled down on the fentanyl crisis to crack down on drug dealers and establish mandatory minimum prison sentences for convicted fentanyl dealers.

“We also worked to support farmers and agriculture across Alabama through several bills. Agriculture is one of our Alabama’s top producing industries accounting for more than 20 percent of jobs in the state so we fought to cut red tape for farmers and support economic development in rural areas.”

Scofield is a farmer in Guntersville and serving in his fourth term in the Senate.

“Your Alabama Senate Republican Caucus is proud of our work this session as we continue to protect our conservative values and support the hardworking people of the state of Alabama,” he said.

Brandon Moseley is a contributing writer for Yellowhammer News. He can be reached at [email protected].

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