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Alabama’s top investment banking firm Frazer Lanier adds to its ranks

Alabama’s largest and most active investment banking firm has added two new bankers to its team.

The Frazer Lanier Company, Incorporated announced that David Langham and Lance Hyche have joined the firm.

“David and Lance have established themselves as very effective and successful investment bankers,” noted John Mazyck, a partner at Frazer Lanier, in a release from the firm. “They bring a host of meaningful, complementary relationships to our firm.”

Langham brings 12 years of public finance experience. He previously served as lead banker for a Mobile firm where he focused on the areas of general obligation, water and sewer revenue, gas revenue, boards of education, college and university, and public-private partnerships.

Hyche has been in the investment banking industry since 2012. Prior to that, he spent 14 years working in public education advocacy and media relations, and he has developed extensive knowledge in the areas of state and local government affairs. His area of focus will include general obligation, water and sewer revenue, and public education financings.

“David’s home base of Mobile gives us a physical presence in South Alabama, and he will be the only investment banker in Alabama to actually call Mobile home,” partner Jason Grubbs added. “Lance will join the Birmingham office and work across the State.”

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Frazer Lanier is a Montgomery-based investment banking firm that owns the largest market share of investment banking business in the state, according to Thomson Reuters. In 2020, it has already closed 64 in-state deals equating to a 48% market share.

With Grubbs managing the company’s Birmingham office, the firm also covers North Alabama out of a Florence office and maintains a presence in West Alabama, Alabama’s Gulf Coast, Louisiana and Florida.

Founded as a public finance company in 1976 by Rod Frazer and Clifford Lanier, corporate finance now makes up a significant portion of its business, according to Mazyck.

The Frazer Lanier Company has been involved in some major economic development projects across Alabama. For example, Hunt Refining Company, the largest private employer in Tuscaloosa County, has spent well over $1 billion building out its refinery with financing obtained through The Frazer Lanier Company. The companies closed a $612 million deal just last year.

The firm has helped finance large capital projects in manufacturing, research and other sectors across Alabama counting a “who’s who” list of Alabama employers as clients.

Yet, Mazyck outlined to Yellowhammer News earlier this year that public financing, particularly in the state’s smaller communities, will remain at the core of the firm’s business.

“Those communities really need us,” concluded Mazyck. “We often feel like we’re truly helping the smaller communities. We really pride ourselves on our working with the smaller places, the infrequent issuers, because we really know we are helping them. And they make a decision based on character.”

Tim Howe is an owner of Yellowhammer Multimedia

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