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Alabama’s Cavanaugh leads fundraising in lieutenant governor primary

Public Service Commission president Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh has outpaced her Republican opponents in fundraising for the lieutenant governor’s June primary.

Cavanaugh raised nearly $150,000 in April to reach $1.1 million in total contributions. She came into the campaign with more than $500,000 from past runs.

Her closest contender, state Rep. Will Ainsworth, has received just shy of $950,000 total. He also loaned himself $500,000.

State Sen. Rusty Glover raised around $142,000.

The only candidate on the Democratic side, minister Will Boyd, received just over $12,000.

While Glover and Boyd logged contributions almost entirely from individuals, Ainsworth and Cavanaugh raked in support from political action committees and corporations.

Since August 2017, Cavanaugh has received around $67,000 from coal and mining companies, industries connected to the utility-regulating commission where she now works.

(Associated Press, copyright 2018)

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