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Alabama’s best news of the week was missed by Alabama’s fiercest and most ignorant critics

No matter the story, no matter the issue, Alabama’s set of smarmy liberal geniuses will take the opportunity to tell us how smart they are and how dumb all of us stupid, conservative, red state, bible-thumping President Donald Trump supporters are.

More often than not, the person making this kind of statement isn’t too bright themselves and can’t fathom that someone would not agree with their political opinions. The idea that their neighbors might disagree with them is generally offensive on its face. They practice the very intolerance they declare to hate every-single-day.

Not only do our betters believe that they are more enlightened and intelligent by far, but they also espouse that if not for our built-in Southern stupidity we would agree with them.

Tommy Tuberville is trouncing U.S. Senator Doug Jones (D-AL)?

Alabamians are not happy about a new mask order?

Fans annoyed about the University of Alabama’s coach and players conducting a march through campus?

The response is usually some lame variation of: “This is why we can’t have nice things.“

The evolved few looking down on the masses. The despair they feel about being trapped in a state with the remnants of the Confederacy impeding progress at every turn.

Everywhere they look they see mean, evil and stupid people.

But not them, no not them. They get it. Everyone else is bad.

Alabama Democrats who read al.com think, “Kyle Whitmire and John Archibald get it; Alabama residents would … if they could read.”

These are the people that think that Alabama Political Reporter’s Josh Moon is a smart and insightful person, not just a sad guy.

If only we were smarter, they believe. If only we were more like California.

If only.

Next time this garbage comes up, ask your snobby friend or family member what they think about “rolling reserve budgeting like they do in California.”

Then explain to them how the foresight of good, kind, humanist, brilliant and fair-minded California legislators to enact a budgeting plan that would allow money to be saved for the future in good times might keep the state from feeling a calamitous crunch during the bad times.

After you are done explaining this to them and they tell you how Alabama would never be so wise to enact such a plan, let them know that Alabama did do this. California and New York did not.

Because of this, California is begging the federal government to save every aspect of their financial well-being, from basic infrastructure to pensions.

Meanwhile, Alabama’s budgets ended the fiscal year with more money available to use in the 2021 fiscal year — six months into the global coronavirus pandemic that has caused an economic crisis.

Obviously, the 2011 Rolling Reserve Act is not a sexy topic. Gay marriage and Confederate monuments are more fun to yell about, but you might notice that there is very little pushback to those issues outside of the news media.

National politics are easy. State politics are hard.

Repeating what you see on social media is simple. Thinking through mildly-complex issues is hard.

They look up to Rachel Maddow and down on talk radio. They hate their families but love random celebrities over their political leanings and nothing more.

Meanwhile, most Alabamians are going on about their lives.

There is a reason the Alabama Democratic Party is so lost right now. The party’s U.S. Senate candidate in Alabama is basically America’s poster boy for, “See, Alabama isn’t so bad.” And while that might play well with donors in blue states, his time in the Senate ends soon.

Watch when it is announced that Doug Jones is out as a U.S. senator. The American media will sigh and say, “Well, it is Alabama,” without realizing a single thing about the state.

Alabama Democrats will take to their Facebook and Twitter echo chambers and declare, “This is why we can’t have anything nice.” In reality, that attitude has been rejected over and over again.

One day, an Alabama Democrat will emerge that doesn’t act like they hate the state and its citizens. Maybe then they will be relevant again.

Dale Jackson is a contributing writer to Yellowhammer News and hosts a talk show from 7-11 AM weekdays on WVNN.

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