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Alabama Supreme Court candidate Greg Cook lands Alabama Civil Justice Reform Committee endorsement

Greg Cook, a Republican candidate for the Alabama Supreme Court, has been endorsed by the Alabama Civil Justice Reform Committee (ACJRC). Cook is a Birmingham attorney and is seeking election an open seat on the state’s high court.

In announcing the endorsement, the organization praised Cook’s decades-long experience in the legal profession.

“We are indeed fortunate to have such an outstanding candidate with 30 plus years of experience willing to serve the people of Alabama. He shares our conservative values, a conviction to be fair while upholding the law and a willingness to serve. His credentials and legal experience are unmatched,” said ACJRC chairman Tom Dart.

Cook shared his belief that justices should not partake in activism, saying they should simply interpret the law.

“I’m excited to have the support of ACJRC,” said Cook. “As I have always said, judges should be like neutral umpires – just calling the balls and strikes – not favoring one side over another. We need justices who will follow the law and fairly rule on the cases before the Alabama Supreme Court. That is what I will do.”

Cook concluded, “I’m a conservative grounded in principle, who believes a judge is there to apply the law as written. I think that is what the citizens of Alabama want from their judges and why our campaign is gaining momentum.”

ACJRC is an organization of state business trade associations and corporations created in 1985 to fight lawsuit abuse and promote a fair judicial system in Alabama. The organization has led efforts by the business community in passing tort reform bills in the Alabama Legislature. Earlier this year, ACJRC said it played a major role in persuading the legislature to enact legal protection for businesses, non-profits, schools and others from unreasonable litigation involving COVID-19.

Cook is widely known among the state’s legal profession and has held numerous positions with the American Bar Association (ABA), Alabama and Birmingham Bar. He serves on the Alabama Supreme Court’s Civil Rules Committee and has authored a two-volume treatise, Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure Annotated and two books for the ABA.

Earlier this year, Cook launched his candidacy for the position of associate justice after current officeholder Mike Bolin announced that he would not seek another term.

Dylan Smith is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @DylanSmithAL

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