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Alabama Republicans unanimously vote for bill blocking ‘executive amnesty’

United Stats Capitol
United Stats Capitol

WASHINGTON — The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a bill funding the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) but overturning President Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

On a 236-191 vote, the House provided $39.7 billion in funding for the Department of Homeland Security for the remainder of the fiscal year. Alabama’s six Republican congressmen supported the measure, while the delegation’s lone Democrat opposed.

Two key anti-amnesty amendments attached to the DHS bill were crafted by Alabama congressmen.

“The amendment that I sponsored is an important first step of this new Congress,” said Rep Robert Aderholt (R-AL4). “Simply put, the language defunds what has become known as the President’s amnesty orders, and, among other things, restores the Secure Communities program. The President’s unauthorized program known as deferred action is also terminated — no new applicants are allowed, and holders of a current deferral cannot get those renewed when they expire. Finally, the bill has language making it illegal for the President to use revenue from visa fees to fund his unconstitutional amnesty orders.”

Rep. Martha Roby added an amendment ensuring illegal immigrants convicted of any sex crimes, child abuse or domestic violence are prioritized for deportation by authorities.

“You want a great example of why the president acting unilaterally to circumvent Congress is a bad idea?” Roby asked. “Right now, illegal immigrants convicted of child abuse, sexual offenders and domestic abusers are not a top priority for deportation in this country. This amendment simply makes them a priority for deportation.”

The action now moves to the Senate, where the 54 Republicans will have to rally 6 Democrats to their cause in order to meet the 60-vote threshold needed to overcome a Democratic filibuster.

“Senator Jeff Sessions has been of tremendous help throughout the process,” said Aderholt. “No one has worked harder on this issue than Jeff, and his efforts have been invaluable. Senator Sessions has his work cut out for him in the Senate, but it has been my intent all along for the House to provide him with a good, conservative bill to work from.”