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Alabama Republican Party releases 2024 state legislative priorities

The 2024 Alabama state legislative session begins next week, February 6th. As lawmakers prepare to utilize 30 total working days to complete the business of the people, including passing a state budget, political groups and elected officials themselves are releasing the priorities they wish to accomplish.

“The Alabama Republican Party is strongly committed to supporting legislation that reflects the core values that made America great,” said Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl.

“We still believe in protecting freedom and the American dream for each and every one of our citizens. It is incredibly important that Alabama passes legislation that helps struggling families with the cost of living, safeguards our children from a socialist agenda, and defends the rights and freedoms of each individual.

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“The bottom line is that we want to return control to the people of Alabama – because they know how to live their lives and raise their children better than the government does.”

The 2024 ALGOP legislative agenda includes:

  • Enacting universal school choice
  • Capping annual property tax increases
  • Advancing comprehensive work force development in Alabama
  • Stopping taxpayer funding of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) programs
  • Eliminate Alabama’s business personal property tax to help reduce government red tape, and encourage economic growth
  • Protect Alabama businesses and citizens by establishing limitations to prevent discrimination based on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) protocols.
  • Establish a Women’s Bill of Rights to articulate the definition of womanhood and ensure a woman’s right to private spaces, including bathrooms, locker rooms, and shelters.
  • Return power of government to the people of Alabama by transferring the authority to appoint the State Health Officer to the Governor, instead of  an unelected board 
  • Enact a permanent prohibition on face mask mandates within the state of Alabama.
  • Safeguard children from divisive ideologies by discontinuing the inclusion of controversial concepts, such as transgender lifestyles, in Alabama classroom instruction.
  • Implement school curriculum transparency that allows parents unrestricted access to their children’s course of study and related materials
  • Establish Post-Election Audits
  • Reform the absentee voting process to guarantee the security and integrity of every ballot

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“As Chairman of the State GOP, I want to see Alabama leading the nation in common sense legislation that puts people first,” Wahl continued.

“We’ve seen that in Republican legislation recently, with bills like cutting the grocery tax, banning forced vaccine passports, protecting the 2nd Amendment, and standing up against the woke agenda. We want to see our state build on these successes as we move forward this legislative session. It is time for Alabama to be the national leader we can be.” 

Austen Shipley is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News

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