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Alabama reports record-high one-day COVID-19 case number; Cities cancel more events

The State of Alabama reported a record 1,129 new coronavirus cases on Thursday morning as many cities cancel events they had planned for the summer.

The record count reported Thursday by coronavirus database Bama Tracker represents the third straight day of increasing cases. The cases are widespread, too, with over 90% of Alabama’s counties reporting a new person infected.

Additionally, the cumulative percentage of coronavirus tests coming back positive in Alabama has hovered around 8.6% since June 14, a number especially troubling to experts and much higher than the national average of 5.5%.

The state has averaged somewhere between 6,200 and 6,900 tests per day during the same time period.

Dr. Scott Harris, head of the Alabama Department of Public Health, told MyNBC15 that the number of increased cases is not just because of increased testing.

The Cities of Mobile and Fairhope canceled their planned 4th of July fireworks celebrations on Thursday, citing a desire to avoid creating crowds of people.

The City of Decatur, which had previously canceled the local favorite Spirit of America celebration during the July 4 weekend, announced that Riverfest, the city’s barbecue festival, will be canceled as well; it had been scheduled for September.

Dozens of cities and locations around Alabama had canceled or altered their 4th of July celebrations before the most recent uptick in coronavirus cases.

(Bama Tracker/Screenshot)

According to the Bama Tracker, 880 Alabamians have died of COVID-19. Deaths often lag an increase in caseload by weeks or even months, according to experts. They are also reported irregularly to the central database, as they must be confirmed by the State first.

(Bama Tracker/Screenshot)

Alabama currently has 656 patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

Harris has said it is possible that “people protesting may have increased the risk of disease transmission.” He also believes some of the increased cases are due to people not taking proper precautions with regards to social distancing and hand washing.

A number of studies done recently have found that the most effective tool to reduce the spread of COVID-19 is wearing a face mask; a behavior encouraged by Dr. Harris, Governor Kay Ivey, Coaches Nick Saban and Gus Malzahn; and every doctor at Alabama’s hospitals.

Henry Thornton is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can contact him by email: [email protected] or on Twitter @HenryThornton95

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