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Alabama Rep: Obama mandating gender neutral bathrooms is the ‘dumbest move ever’

Gender neutral bathrooms
MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Alabama State Representative Mack Butler (R-Rainbow City), recently spoke out against the Obama administration for mandating federal contractors and buildings allow individuals to use restrooms according to what gender they identify with, instead of their biological or presented sex.

In a Facebook post Tuesday evening, Butler stated that “This will set the tone for schools and public buildings across the nation,” calling Obama’s mandate the “dumbest move ever.”

Representative Butler told Yellowhammer Wednesday morning that he doesn’t at all believe transgender individuals are predators, but that requiring gender neutral bathrooms opens the door for predators to take advantage of citizens, particularly children.

“We all expect at minimum, government to promote public safety, and this move of the Obama administration is actually doing the opposite of that.” Butler said.

This move by the Obama administration comes as part of Executive Order 13672, which according to the U.S. Department of Labor, exists to “prohibit federal contractors and subcontractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.”

The DOL defines gender identity as, “one’s internal sense of one’s own gender.” Adding that, “It may or may not correspond to the sex assigned to a person at birth, and may or may not be made visible to others.”

As Butler said in his Facebook post, the Obama administration has set the tone for schools and other public buildings to adopt this in the future.

“Could you imagine, you know in high school, it would come to a basically a co-ed locker room, you could walk in there and say: “Oh today I was identifying as a girl but tomorrow I’m identifying as a male,” Butler explained.

Butler explained that there could be a situation where police are called and a man could say that he identifies as a woman. Butler also stated that he knows the West Coast has been pushing for gender neutral bathrooms for quite some time, and that if it came to Alabama, he feels certain the state legislature would do something to block it.

“I look at this move as endangering children, putting them at risk,” Butler concluded.

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