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Alabama Principal Helps Student Out of Jam with the Tooth Fairy

Students at Faith Academy. Courtesy of Amber M Byrd (Facebook)

A young student at Faith Academy in Mobile was going about his day when the unthinkable happened – the lost tooth that he had been keeping safe in his pocket had vanished. When the boy realized his tooth at fallen out, he was devastated. However, the boy’s principal knew exactly what to do.

According to WBRC, Faith Academy principal Barry Pickering wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy on behalf of the boy, vouching for the fact that his tooth was in fact gone. The letter reads:

“Dear Tooth Fairy,

Andrew lost his tooth at school today. Please accept this letter to vouch for him, as he will put it under his pillow. I know Andrew well and will say that he is a fine young man. Andrew cannot find his tooth, but I assure you it is gone.”

A picture of the letter has been making its way around social media. This is just another example of the incredible lengths some educators will go to love their students.

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