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Alabama Power Takes Part In Hurricane Harvey Recovery

Photo Courtesy of Alabama News Center

Alabama Power has sent a team of trained employee’s to Texas so they can assist Houston-based CenterPoint Energy in restoring power to the residents trapped inside.

As reported by Alabama News Center, the team left early this morning, taking with them two marsh master track vehicles and small boats. Once there, 20 highly-trained personnel from Alabama Power will work to repair the Houston power grid.

Reports indicate that Harvey has dumped a record amount of water in the Houston area, much of which has completely incapacitated the city and those still there.

The majority of the equipment provided has come from Alabama Power’s Transmission and Environmental Affairs organizations. Markell Heilbron, General Manager of Environmental Affairs for the company, said,

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Houston and everyone along the Gulf Coast where Harvey has had such a terrible impact.”

CenterPoint Energy has been working day and night to restore power, and officials say that more than 713,000 customers have regained power. However, Alabama Power’s team will have the difficult job of assisting work in severely flooded areas. Most of which have yet to have their power restored.

The Southern Company has pledged $100,000 to the American Red Cross, and it has also established a donation matching program for employees and retirees.

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