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Alabama Man Wins Grand Prize For Catching 354-Pound Bull Shark

Photo: Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Facebook

As reported by ABC 33/40 News, after catching a massive shark, an Alabama man took a record prize in the Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo.

Last month Brett Rutledge of Mobile reeled in a 354-pound bull shark found in the Gulf of Mexico. With the catch came the grand prize of $20,000. However, there were a few loops he had to jump through first.

Noting the amount of money and a past record of fraud among some anglers in fishing tournaments, Mississippi officials required that Rutledge take a polygraph test before giving him the winnings. This process took about a month, and now the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources has certified the record.

Taking an hour to reel in, the shark beat the previous record by 75%.

When asked what he planned on using the money for, he responded, “I think Disney is in our future.”

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