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Alabama GOP Rep. Byrne: Trump ‘sh*thole’ remarks a distraction


(Screenshot / WKRG)


On Friday, Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-Fairhope) fielded questions from reporters shortly before a town hall meeting at the city hall in Robertsdale. One of the questions he took concerned a report that President Donald Trump described certain nations as “sh*thole countries” during an immigration policy meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers earlier in the week.

According to WKRG’s Bill Riales, Byrne called Trump’s comments “an unfortunate and major distraction.”

Byrne also argued the Congress had more pressing concerns than immigration at the moment.

“I’m just disappointed that we’re having an immigration debate before we get this funding bill done,” Byrne said. “I mean, we — the government has got to be funded a week from today, and we still don’t have a deal on that.”

Jeff Poor is a graduate of Auburn University and works as the editor of Breitbart TV. Follow Jeff on Twitter @jeff_poor.