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Alabama Forestry Association endorses Will Ainsworth for reelection to Lt. Governor’s office

After announcing in front of 3,000 people last week that he would seek reelection, Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth has now picked up the endorsement of one of Alabama’s most influential business associations.

The Alabama Forestry Association (AFA) has endorsed Ainsworth as he begins his campaign for a second term.

“Lt. Governor Ainsworth has done an outstanding job during his first term in office,” said AFA president Chris Isaacson in a release from the organization. “He is committed to a limited and fiscally responsible government and has been a tireless advocate for Alabama’s forest products industry and a longtime friend of AFA. We were an early supporter in his first statewide election and are honored to stand with Will in his bid for a second term.”

AFA identified Ainsworth’s strong support of private property rights as part of its decision to support the Marshall County native.

“I am proud to have the support of the Alabama Forestry Association,” stated Ainsworth, himself a timberland owner. “I will continue to fight for smaller government, less red tape and more jobs for hardworking Alabamians. Alabama is open for business, and our best days are ahead.”

Ainsworth’s first term has been marked by his heavy involvement in the state’s economic issues.

He has overseen the Alabama Small Business Commission, a panel tasked with recommending policies and legislation benefiting small businesses operating across the state.

During last year’s COVID-19 crisis, Ainsworth formed an emergency task force within the commission to focus on the reopening of Alabama’s economy. Most of the task force’s plan was implemented by the state during the reopening process.

Ainsworth has also served as chairman of the Aerospace States Association, a national group whose mission is to support and promote the interests of the aerospace industry in Alabama and across the nation.

At his campaign kickoff, Ainsworth asserted that improving the prospects of future generations of Alabamians is driving him to run for a second term.

“The main reason I’m running is for my kids, your kids, your grandkids’ future,” he said. “It is a huge time commitment, but I want to say this: I want our kids, your kids, everybody in here to always be proud to call Alabama home. I don’t want our kids to have to move to Atlanta or Nashville or Austin or another state. I want them to be able to live right here in Alabama and have the same opportunities as any kids in the world. We’re going to do that. We are doing that.”

Tim Howe is an owner of Yellowhammer Multimedia