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Alabama congressmen seek to fight wokeness in military

Two Alabama congressmen are pushing for a review of “woke” policies that they say are being pushed inside the Pentagon.

U.S. Reps. Mike Rogers (R-Saks) and Jerry Carl (R-Mobile) are seeking Department of Defense records that relate to terms of gender identity. Both congressmen are members of the House Armed Services Committee. Rep. Mike Rogers, the committee’s lead Republican, is set to become chairman of the group.

Rogers said Democratic leaders have tried to shape the military to meet liberal ideals and that it is having a negative effect on our military: “Wokeness does not win wars.”

Rogers also believes that, “Our troops should not be the vanguard for the left’s social agenda, next year, the new majority will be conducting robust oversight of these issues and we will demand accountability from this administration.”

According to Stars and Stripes, Carl also disagrees with the change of policy in the military, stating, “I have family members that have gotten out of the military because of the wokeness, you cannot disagree with that.”

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin testified in a hearing in April that woke policies are not being pushed.

“Any notion that they’re woke (U.S. service members) or our military is woke, you know, I take issue with because it’s just not true,” he said. “It’s a false narrative and they deserve better than that.”

Presenting a possible contradiction to Austin’s statement, congressmen have obtained materials from West Point that have titles such as, “Understanding Whiteness and White Rage” and “White Power at West Point,” according to the Heritage Foundation.

Republican lawmakers say ending wokeness in the military is a top priority once they officially have control of the House.

Austen Shipley is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News

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