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Alabama-based Iron Tribe Fitness releases new PRIME program, provides semi-private training

After more than 10 years of offering group fitness classes, Iron Tribe Fitness is adding a program that offers semi-private training, giving members more tools to reach their personal nutrition, strength and fat-loss goals.

The new program, which will run in addition to current classes, is named Iron Tribe Fitness PRIME and is currently being rolled out across all Birmingham-area gyms. With exceptional coaching as the foundation of the program, PRIME gives members the opportunity to experience a one-to-four coach-member ratio, customizable training and much more.

Longtime fitness entrepreneur and Iron Tribe Fitness founder and CEO Forrest Walden said in a statement that he believes PRIME perfectly aligns with where the modern fitness industry is headed.

“We’ve listened to our members and the public and believe that PRIME will deliver an experience like none other,” Walden stated. “Iron Tribe Fitness has been a staple in the health community for a while and we will continue to offer our regular classes, but we believe PRIME offers a new, elevated experience that our current and new members will love.”

Through coaching and accountability, PRIME trainers will help members achieve improved body composition, strength, mindset and energy. Each PRIME member will reportedly get an individualized assessment, goal-setting, personalized programming, holistic training and re-testing to ensure they reach their goals. Iron Tribe Fitness believes in the PRIME program so much that they’re offering a 100% money-back guarantee if members are not satisfied.

“We’ve spent a long time perfecting PRIME and can’t wait for the community to experience this new program,” Walden advised. “If COVID-19 taught us anything, it’s that our collective health is extremely important. Our goal is to help all PRIME members experience radical changes in their health and fitness. This is an exciting time for all of us at Iron Tribe.”

Iron Tribe in recent months debuted the PRIME program to a few current members. The reviews, Walden noted, were all very positive.

“The workouts are tough, but they are laser-focused to move me toward my goals,” commented Dr. Kierstin Kennedy, a member at Iron Tribe Fitness in Homewood. “The combination of strategic programming and adaptability has led to some pretty awesome results and at a faster pace than what I was seeing without PRIME.”

For more information on the PRIME program and to book a free consult, click here.

Iron Tribe is headquartered in Birmingham, with its name paying homage to the “Iron City” where it was founded in 2008.

Sean Ross is the editor of Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @sean_yhn

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