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Alabama author revises book about overcoming tough times

“Tough times” is a phrase that is both relative and universal.

What constitutes tough times for one may be different for another, but if you’ve lived any time at all, you have probably known your own version of tough times.

A global pandemic and other large-scale issues have amplified those tough times for many. That’s why author Bill Todd has made some revisions to his book “No Ordinary Joe.” Originally released in 2011, the book takes a practical look at dealing with tough times using the teachings from the story of Joseph in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Alabama author Bill Todd revises ‘No Ordinary Joe’ in reprinting from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

Todd, a long-time media and public relations professional in Birmingham, said his book is not necessarily a religious one.

“I just became struck at how you and I lose battles every day,” he said. “We get blamed for things we didn’t do. We get hard knocks. We get triumphs. We get failures. How do we deal with all of this?”

Having the right attitude, responding the right ways and being mindful of mental health and mindset are among the key teachings found in “No Ordinary Joe.” Todd said the new reprint has some revisions for an audience that has changed in the past decade, but the heart of the book is as old as the story of Joseph.

“It’s a very easy read, a very quick read and hopefully it can help people,” he said.

(Courtesy of Alabama NewsCenter)

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