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Alabama and Auburn legends nominated for ESPN’s ‘Greatest Season in CFB History’ (Vote)

Cam Newton Derrick Thomas

Was Alabama football legend Derrick Thomas’ 1988 Butkus Award-winning effort the greatest season ever by a college football player? What about Cam Newton’s BCS and Heisman-winning 2010 campaign for Auburn?

ESPN has compiled a list of what they believe to be the 16 greatest individual seasons in the history of college football, and is now asking fans to narrow the list down to the greatest ever.

“The Season,” as ESPN has dubbed it, is set up in bracket format, with Barry Sanders’ 1988 season securing the tournament’s top seed.

Newton’s 2010 season, the no. 4 seed, is matched up in the first round against another Heisman-winning campaign — BC quarterback Doug Flutie’s 1984 season, the no. 13 seed.

Thomas’ 1988 season is the tournament’s no. 3 seed, and is matched up against another defensive stud, Charles Woodson and his 1997 Heisman-winning effort for the Michigan Wolverines.

Here’s the bracket (click it to go vote on ESPN):

ESPN Bracket

Here’s what ESPN had to say about 1988 Derrick Thomas:

School records with 39 tackles for loss and 27 sacks.
Thomas’ 27 sacks would be an NCAA record if the NCAA had considered it an official stat at the time. His 1988 season is still considered the gold standard for defensive performances in the SEC.

And here’s their take on 2010 Cam Newton:

4,369 yds total offense; responsible for 51 TDs
Newton made the most of his one season at Auburn, leading the SEC in rushing and the nation in touchdowns. He ran for 170 yards or more in four consecutive SEC games on the way to a BCS title.

The four-round tournament is taking place over the next several days, so vote early and often, Tide and Tigers fans.

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