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Alabama and Auburn fan bases both ranked among ‘Top 10 Most Loyal’


Answers.com, which calls itself “the world’s largest community for sharing questions and answers,” this week took a crack at answering the question “What college football programs have the most loyal fans?

Although their responses are highly subjective, residents of The Yellowhammer State will be happy to see the fan bases of both their SEC teams in the top 10, with Alabama coming in at number 4 and Auburn not far behind at number 7.

Of course, ranking the fan bases of Alabama and Auburn — whose yearly meeting was the only college football event that made USA Today’s ‘Bucket List’ — anywhere below the very top of this list is a travesty as far as we’re concerned.

The entire top 10 can be viewed below, along with Answers.com’s commentary on Alabama and Auburn.

What do you think about the list? Let us know in the comment section below.

1. Nebraska
2. Penn State
3. Notre Dame
4. Alabama

We know you’re sarcastically thinking, “wow, it must be tough being a fan of a team that contends for national titles every years. That is true. but Alabama fans are passionate about the Tide even in down years. Since Nick Saban took over in Tuscaloosa, Alabama has been the top program in the country. But the 10 years prior, this was a mediocre program… with fans that still showed up.

5. South Carolina
6. Iowa
7. Auburn

Auburn might still be Little Brother in the state of Alabama. But they are Big Brother to most of the rest of the country. Fan support is high even in down years, although not nearly as much as when the team is in the Top 1-. Auburn fans are loud and boisterous and when the marching band plays War Eagle, the atmosphere is off the hook.

8. Texas A&M
9. Wisconsin Badgers
10. Oklahoma Sooners

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