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Alabama A&M welcomes new K-9 officer in latest effort to improve campus security

Alabama A&M is adding several additional campus protection measures after a recent student-officer involved shooting occurred at one of the school’s dormitories.

The shooting was the second to take place on the Huntsville campus within the past two years.

As part of the new precautions, the school announced last Friday that a K-9 officer capable of detecting firearms and explosives will begin patrolling the campus as soon as next Fall.

The University has also increased public safety visibility throughout the campus. A new Department of Public Safety Sub-Station has been opened inside Knight Complex – the first such satellite station on campus. In addition, A&M has partnered with a security contractor to expand patrols inside Knight Complex and Foster Complex during peak hours.

“These are important steps in continuing to increase our presence on campus,” said Chief Montez Payton. “We’ve had very positive responses to these changes so far as the entire campus community understands the importance of improving infrastructure to be both proactive and responsive to campus safety and emergencies.”

Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Braque Talley, emphasized that it requires a community effort to keep the campus secure.

“The safety and security of our campus is something we think about and work on constantly,” said Talley. “Our team will continue to focus on finding ways to meet the needs of an ever-growing campus while keeping students, staff, and visitors safe.”

“It takes all of us to protect The Hill.”

Last year, a $600,000 investment in campus safety and accountability provided body cameras, surveillance grid upgrades, and other enhancements to The Hill. More outdoor cameras are being installed to broaden capacity to monitor activity in parking lots and other key areas.

Austen Shipley is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News.

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