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AL Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Law Enforcement Section hopes to gain national accreditation

With the goal of strengthening conservation efforts in Alabama, the Law Enforcement Section of the ADCNR’s Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division has announced that it is seeking national accreditation. The division is hoping to attain the designation through the North American Wildlife Law Enforcement Accreditation program.

“By seeking NAWLEA accreditation, WFF’s Law Enforcement Section is demonstrating its unwavering commitment to excellence,” said Chris Blankenship, Commissioner of the ADCNR (Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources). “The accreditation process will not only enhance the agency’s capabilities but also contribute to the overall improvement of the profession.”

Colonel Michael Weathers, Chief of WFF’s Law Enforcement Section, noted the impact that the accreditation would have if granted.

“Our officers and staff are dedicated to advancing the conservation law enforcement profession,” said Weathers. “NAWLEA’s mission mirrors our own objectives by focusing on the development of professional standards. The formal mechanism they provide will enable us to better evaluate our law enforcement efforts.”

“We recognize the importance of public confidence in natural resource law enforcement,” he said. “This accreditation will serve as a testament to our dedication to transparency, professionalism and the highest standards of service. We look forward to the opportunities and challenges that come with pursuing NAWLEA accreditation.”

“Our commitment to the mission and goals of NAWLEA reflects our ongoing dedication to the communities and natural resources we are honored to serve.”

WFF’s Law Enforcement Section goals align with those of NAWLEA, which include the following:

  • Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of natural resource law enforcement agencies in the delivery of services
  • Promoting cooperation and coordination among all components in the criminal justice system and the communities served
  • Ensuring appropriate training for natural resource law enforcement personnel
  • Promoting public confidence in natural resource law enforcement
  • Elevating the professionalism of law enforcement agencies involved in the NAWLEA process

Austen Shipley is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News.

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