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AL House Majority Leader: U.S. Senator Katie Britt exemplifies hope for a better future

Over the past three and a half years, we have watched as President Biden took every possible step to weaken our nation.

We have seen the Taliban grow more powerful in Afghanistan. We awoke on an October morning to the news of Hamas attacking Israel, one of our closest allies. We have been forced to deal with the consequences of Biden’s crisis at the Southern border.

On Thursday night, we, as a nation, saw a glimpse of hope for the first time in a very long time. We witnessed true leadership and a dose of truth that the American people needed to hear.

Senator Katie Britt’s leadership gave us hope that better days are ahead and that the current desperate state in which our country finds itself is not eternal but is, instead, a temporary setback.

The conservative cavalry is coming and Alabama’s Senator Britt is helping to lead it.

She has the guts to stand up and say no to Biden’s vision for a diminished America. She has the policy chops to formulate solutions to the crisis that his liberal policies have caused and she has both the work ethic and unwavering commitment to the greatness of our nation to bring us back from the state of crisis that Biden and his band of liberal followers have caused.

Liberal activists saw the writing on the wall when Senator Britt delivered the response to the State of the Union.

They saw what real solution-based leadership looks like and they saw the end of their reign coming and coming fast. Democrats may be circling the wagons to launch personal attacks at Alabama’s Senator.

SNL writers may be bringing in the big guns to try to get Senator Britt to back down but the joke is on them. The Avengers are imaginary but Senator Britt and her vision for a better America are very real.

She won’t back down and neither will the millions of conservative Americans who support her.

Scott Stadthagen serves as the Majority Leader of the 75-member Alabama House Republican Caucus and is the state representative for Alabama House District 9.

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