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Ainsworth targets May 1 for return of most businesses

Alabama is not out of the woods when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic by any means, but things are definitely trending in the right direction.

Ridiculous projections of millions sick and 25,000 dead in the state were never going to happen and now those pushing that narrative are begging for $10 on the Internet or clamoring for government intervention into journalism.

One of the models used by the White House for recommendations and projections has lowered its death projection significantly in the last two weeks.

April 1: 7,300+
April 2: 5,500+
April 5: 923
April 8: 634
April 10: 431
April 13: 351

One life lost is one too many, but we are not New York, Michigan or Lousiana, and we are going to get through this soon.

While those states may not be ready to open up, Alabama could.

Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth (R-AL) appeared on WVNN Tuesday morning and made it pretty clear that May 1 is a potential target for a resumption of economic activity.

Ainsworth talked about a plan that will be presented to Governor Kay Ivey on Friday that would allow “every business that’s been impacted by the order that’s not open” to reopen on May 1.

Businesses will bear some of the responsibility for limiting the return of this virus, and Ainsworth noted that business owners are willing to take on that responsibility and have told him that they are aware of how they can reopen safely.

Ainsworth knows these businesses want to be open, but they have to be safe to keep from spreading the virus. He said he believes “if you’re aware and if you do things like spread people out, there’s certainly a way that these businesses can reopen and not put the public health in danger.”

Everyone involved — public officials, business owners and the public — must be vigilant and smart.

My takeaway:

A massive resurgence of the virus means the economy will be hammered with another shutdown that will set the recovery back even further.

No one wants that, especially Alabama’s businesses.

This all has to be done smartly and fairly.

Let businesses open if they want to, but they need to be responsible to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in an open society.


Dale Jackson is a contributing writer to Yellowhammer News and hosts a talk show from 7-11 am weekdays on WVNN.

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