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AG Marshall calls on DHS Secretary Mayorkas to ‘resign immediately’ for ‘intolerable performance’

Attorney General Steve Marshall, along with the attorneys general from 13 other states, recently wrote a letter to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas calling for his immediate resignation for failure to fulfill his oath of office.

The letter cites the DHS secretary’s inability to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

In the letter, the attorneys general stated, “Deportations have fallen a staggering 70 percent since 2020. … Perhaps most egregiously, you have refused to deport some of the most dangerous criminals, even though you are required by law to do so. That decision is shocking, especially because Democrats and Republicans alike have always prioritized the removal of criminals here illegally including when you were Deputy Secretary of DHS from 2013-2016.”

The AGs substantiated their demand for Mayorkas’ resignation by citing:

  • An increase of more than 30% of fentanyl being seized, which is enough to kill every individual in the United States six times over.
  • The number of sex offenders that were arrested entering the country increased by 213% over the last fiscal year.

The attorneys general lay out why they feel Mayorkas has fallen short of his oath and duties of office due to many recent national cases of violent crimes against U.S. citizens, including murder and rape.

The authors of the letter assert that when elected officials do not honor their oaths of office, it poses a risk to public safety.  They further explain that with the enforcement of laws already on the record, many crimes and deaths could have been prevented.

As a result of Mayorkas failing what they deem to fulfill his oath of office, the AGs call on Mayorkas to “resign immediately.”

“Americans have died because of your failure to obey the law and do your solemn duty. More Americans will unnecessarily die and suffer for as long as you remain as Secretary. You must resign immediately,” the AGs write.

Marshall stated in a news release accompanied with the letter, “[Mayorkas] is not only ignoring U.S. Border security, he is actively promoting homeland ‘insecurity’ through policies of catch and release while refusing to deport dangerous criminals, even when required by federal law to do so.”

“Each passing day Secretary Mayorkas’ intolerable performance is further jeopardizing American lives and must immediately end with his resignation,” he concluded.

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