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AEA goes all in for Griffith, donates $300k to Democratic gubernatorial candidate

Parker Griffith, Democratic nominee for Alabama governor
Parker Griffith, Democratic nominee for Alabama governor

The Alabama Education Association (AEA) has donated $300,000 to Parker Griffith, the Alabama Democratic Party’s nominee for governor, according to the Griffith campaign.

Yellowhammer spoke with Mr. Griffith by phone this afternoon and he confirmed the amount of the AEA’s donation, but said that his campaign has not yet decided how it will put the large influx of resources to use.

“We haven’t made any plans yet, but we’re definitely going to be making some,” Griffith said. “The lottery for education has been getting a great response. It’s really resonating with people. Same thing with our calls to expand Medicaid.”

According to the most recent campaign finance reports, Gov. Bentley’s campaign had over $3.25 million cash on hand as of Sept. 17. Griffith had just over $25,000 cash on hand as of Sept. 10, after spending over $300,000 on advertising and campaign operations in the month prior.

UPDATE: Bentley campaign spokesperson Rebekah Mason released the following statement in response to the AEA’s donation to Griffith:

Governor Bentley has spent a lot of his time meeting with and listening to our teachers and educators, and they know he is committed to fighting for a pay raise.

He didn’t stop fighting for a pay raise for teachers this year, even when he was the only one standing.

Henry Mabry has spent more than 7 Million Dollars on House and Senate races, $300,000 in the Governor’s race is nothing more than a token contribution.

No one really knows Henry Mabry’s thought process, not even Paul Hubbert.

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