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Aderholt, Byrne support Trump ‘standing up’ to China on trade

Congressmen Robert Aderholt (AL-04) and Bradley Byrne (AL-01) are vocally standing with President Donald Trump as he faces a trade war standoff with China.

“As I have in the past, I continue to applaud President Trump for standing-up against China’s unfair trade practices and their continued forced transfer theft of American intellectual property,” Aderholt told Yellowhammer News.

He advised, “If our markets here are open to their goods, then their markets should be open for American agriculture and manufacturing. And if China wants new technologies, they should pay for them or invent them and stop stealing them.”

“I continue to support the President’s use of his statutory authority provided by Congress to impose trade sanctions on trade partners that engage in unfair trade practices,” Aderholt concluded. “China’s acts, policies, and practices have been a persistent problem for U.S. businesses for decades. I am glad this Administration is working to prevent China’s efforts to use unfair trade practices to displace U.S. companies in global markets.”

In a statement to Yellowhammer News, Byrne pointed to the difference in worldview between Republicans like him and Trump compared to former Vice President Joe Biden, the front-runner for the Democrats’ 2020 presidential nomination. Byrne has previously called for Biden’s ties to China to be investigated.

Byrne said, “Unlike Joe Biden, I believe China is a serious and real threat to the United States. President Trump is absolutely right to stand up to China and their rogue trade practices. As we work through these negotiations, I will continue to work with the White House to ensure Alabama workers are protected.”

Sean Ross is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @sean_yhn