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A Republican Senate will protect Alabama’s workers

The battle between U.S. Senator Doug Jones and former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville might be the nation’s most important Senate race.

Alabama, like many parts of America, is getting back to work. The unemployment rate dropped to 5.6% in August, down from a peak of 13.8% in April. That’s a huge relief. Unfortunately, another threat to workers is brewing. If polls are correct, Democrats could take control of the Senate.

Even if Donald Trump remains president, a Democratic Senate would still attempt to follow the agenda put forth by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. That agenda would make drastic changes to our country’s immigration policies and, believe it or not, that would bring big changes that could lead to an influx of illegal immigrants and disadvantage Alabama’s workers when people want to return to work.

Alabamians can prevent this catastrophe by keeping the Senate in Republican hands and doing their part to take out the Senate’s most vulnerable Democrat, Sen. Doug Jones.

A Biden/Harris/Jones agenda would make it easier for illegal immigrants to enter the country by defunding the wall. Jones wants this, too.

Once inside, illegal immigrants would easily be able to stay. Biden plans to “immediately” provide a path to citizenship to the nearly 11 million illegal aliens already here. And he bizarrely wants to freeze deportations for the first 100 days of his presidency.

This would lead to an influx of illegal immigrants and pit them against Alabama’s low-skilled workers, putting Alabamans at a huge disadvantage. One study found illegal immigrants work for wages that are 42% less than U.S.-born workers and legal immigrants’ wages.

This is especially concerning seeing how hard Alabama businesses have been hit. Nearly half of our state’s small businesses have reported that they are “not comfortable” with their cash flow, meaning that they’re not sure if they’ll be able to afford rent or payroll.

That aforementioned wage gap makes it enticing for unscrupulous, and hurting, businesses to hire illegal aliens instead of Americans.

Alabama’s workers need jobs. But if Biden’s proposed policies become reality, workers will face stiff competition from a wave of illegal immigrants who are willing to take jobs at below-market rates. A Democrat Senate makes this a real possibility.

Tommy Tuberville has expressed his strong support for securing our borders and his support for President Trump’s wall and border efforts have been a constant in his campaign.

Doug Jones and his fellow Democrats are hellbent on keeping the border porous with no real plan to fix it. The fact is, Alabama’s junior Senator actually introduced a bill to prevent $3.8 billion from being used to pay for construction for the border wall.

While we often hear that “Alabama is a red state and it doesn’t matter what we do in 2020,” the U.S. Senate race could possibly be the difference between a U.S. Senate maintained by Republicans or controlled by Chuck Schumer.

Dale Jackson is a contributing writer to Yellowhammer News and hosts a talk show from 7-11 AM weekdays on WVNN.