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A dog named ‘Saban’ is winning over America after kind interaction with FedEx driver goes viral

A doorbell cam captured a sweet moment shared between a Labrador named “Saban” and a FedEx delivery man.

According to the owner, the dog often greets anyone delivering a package. But this time, it was particularly special. See for yourself:

“Delivery drivers interact with him all the time, but this is the first time we caught it on our doorbell camera,” Nicole Campbell told Newsweek. “This was the first time I’ve seen an interaction between this particular FedEx driver and Saban. My heart melted when I saw the video.”

“Saban is such a sweet, gentle soul, and I love whenever someone matches his gentleness.”

@nicolecampbell2013 Caught this sweet interaction with my dog and the FedEx man#fedex #sweetdog ♬ original sound – Nicole Campbell

In the video, as he set a package down, the unidentified FedEx employee made a request of Saban.

“Don’t tear up the box while I’m gone, okay?”

He then took a confirmation picture of the package that also featured Saban.

FedEx said in a statement they’re proud to count the driver among their ranks. “FedEx is proud of the many contributions our team members make to our communities every day. We appreciate the interactions of this team member with a customer’s pet,” they said in a statement.

Austen Shipley is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on X @ShipleyAusten

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