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7 Things: Trump/Biden win New Hampshire in march to a rematch; school choice, gambling getting attention from legislators; and more …

7. Failed candidate for governor in Arizona and now candidate for U.S. Senate, Kari Lake has confirmed that the Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party offered her a bribe to stay out of the race. Some in the media are acting like this doesn’t make her look badass and are calling this a stunt, but AZ GOP Chairman Jeff DeWit’s pitch is very clear, and pretending she didn’t only makes people look foolish because DeWitt told Lake, “If you say no, it’s fine, it’s your choice, don’t tell people” and she told people.

6. Media, lawyers, churches, and international groups rally around a hitman who was paid to beat a pastor’s wife to death by her husband. The story of the murder seems to get less attention, but then-Chief Investigator for Colbert County Ronnie May says, “She had been stabbed, and beaten with a fireplace implement, in what investigators would soon conclude was a murder-for-hire paid for by the pastor and staged to look like a home invasion and burglary.”

5. Hamas rejects the Israeli offer of a two-month ceasefire in exchange for all of the Israeli hostages still being held by the terrorist organization voted in to lead the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, a poll was done in the West Bank where ZERO Palestinians thought the Oct. 7 attack was “illegitimate” and President Joe Biden gave a speech yesterday on abortion that was interrupted 13 times by pro-Hamas protestors.

4. State Rep. Andy Whitt (R-Harvest) is still working on a gambling bill but has made it clear that it is an uphill battle and many changes are coming and multiple members of the Alabama State Senate were less than thrilled to take it up before the House does. State Sens. Arthur Orr (R-Decatur) said it is up to the House “to solve the Gordian knot of gaming,” and Steve Livingston (R-Scottsboro) punted to the House, “I can assure you the Senate will take the gaming issue up if the House passes (a bill).”

3. This year’s School Choice Week seems slightly different as Republicans in Alabama are falling all over themselves to talk about how great school choice can be after Gov. Kay Ivey appeared at a rally and called for “education savings accounts” (ESA) and both Alabama U.S. senators called for action. State Rep. Ernie Yarborough (R-Trinity) will offer an ESA bill, saying, “If we have woke or underperforming educational realities existing today it’s because we the people have allowed the government to become the customer of education instead of the parents.”

2. President Joe Biden won in a write-in campaign in New Hampshire after refusing to campaign in the state, his main opponent U.S. Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) seems to be praising former President Donald Trump on his way to his big loss, “I went to a Donald Trump rally a couple nights ago. I saw a line of people waiting in the cold for hours. Met probably 50 people, every single one of them thoughtful, hospitable, friendly. All of them so frustrated that they feel nobody is listening to them but Donald Trump. My party is completely delusional right now.”

1. Former President Donald Trump wins in New Hampshire but it is hardly a blowout so Nikki Haley stays in with Democrats (70% of her voters) helping her keep it close 54.6-43.4.

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