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7 Things: No one really cares about the national debt, Alabama Demos redistrict, and more …

7. Elon Musk to buy Twitter on the same day Facebook demonetized me 

  • In a change of strategy that shocked many, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that he plans to buy Twitter for the original offer price and forgo a trial over the matter after attempting to back out.
  • Twitter has responded by saying it will attempt to close the transaction at $54.20 per share or $44 billion. Musk claims the service will be part of an “super app” called “X.”

6. Here we go again 

  • Although previous attempts to “cancel Dixie” from the Alabama football experience have gone nowhere in the past, the activists are at it again and believe they are ready to take the song down.
  • The “Delete Dixie Initiative” is a group of unlikeable Alabama students and faculty that want to replace the offending word with something else but they don’t say what. Expect many stories about this massive movement with 151 signatures as this hypocritical sentence is being typed and there are multiple outlets covering this.

5. Another “death note” notebook ends in expulsion

  • Pell City Schools expelled a sixth-grader at Williams Intermediate School because school officials found a death list in the student’s notebook that contained the name of five classmates.  Pell City Police Chief Clay Morris says there is not a “credible threat to any students of any immediate harm or any harm at all.”
  • This resembles the incident at Trussville City Schools which a principal placed on leave and a superintendent who stepped away from her duties after it was revealed that there was a “Death Note” notebook known about for a year at a city school. PCS is not interested in going down that path.

4. Accused murderer may have lured other kids before killing Cupcake

  • The tragic death of Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney last year has led to the kidnapping trial of Patrick Stallworth who is alleged to have killed the little girl. During the trial, the testimony of a 3-year-old cousin of Cupcake spoke of how the parents knew she was gone, when she said, “Cupcake got in the car with that man. He took her to get candy at the store.”
  • Evidence presented included a bloodstained plastic mattress covering taken from Stallworth’s apartment and a receipt for $18.91 worth of candy from a Shell station. Other witnesses testified Stallworth offered them candy in the past.

3. Herschel Walker’s campaign might be in trouble after he is Kavanaugh-ed

  • It is almost predictable that one Republican candidate (or nominee) in any given year will be hit with an anonymous allegation, that the media will declare disqualifies them from public service. Republican U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker is up this year, with an anonymous accusation by a liberal blog that he denies.
  • Of course, all Republicans were asked if they could support a man that may have actually helped a woman obtain an abortion, even though they demand men help women get abortions. Claiming his alleged hypocrisy on the matter, as a pro-lifer requires good Republicans pro-lifers to support pro-choice candidates.

2. Will Alabama have 0 or 2 black-Democrat districts? After SCOTUS rules, it will be 1 

  • There is much fretting over a case that is being heard before the Supreme Court about Alabama’s congressional redistricting plan. The media and their Democrats insist that it is racist to not draw two black congressional districts in the state even though doing so would require some amazing racial gerrymandering, which is forbidden.
  • aldotcom’s Kyle Whitmire stopped pretending he is a journalist covering Voter ID and is now pretending to be a journalist covering the end of the Voting Rights Act. In his second piece on this case yesterday, he argues we will either have zero black districts or two, but if the Supreme Court rules the districts should remain, it will be one. Hilariously, it could actually lead to zero because a ruling in Alabama’s favor could lead to the future elimination of the gerrymandered black-Democrat district, much like a lawsuit in Mississippi led to the end of Roe v. Wade.

1. National debt hits $31 trillion 

  • Both Democrats and Republicans seem to be pretending that they are offended that the U.S. national debt has now hit $31 trillion. They are lying; $8 trillion in debt has been added since 2020 with Democrats and Republicans printing those dollars for votes. The debt will not be paid by politicians in office now, but one day my son Grant or his kid(s) will deal with the ramifications of this.
  • The Committee for a Responsible Fiscal Budget says President Joe Biden’s policies will add $4.8 trillion the debt by 2031. But wait, it gets worse, they note, “Excessive borrowing will lead to continued inflationary pressures, drive the national debt to a new record as soon as 2030 and triple federal interest payments over the next decade – or even sooner if interest rates go up faster or by more than expected.”

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