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7 Things: A great news day for the president, Battle’s PACT attack is off track, killer finally gets what he deserves, and more …

1. Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein has reportedly told Trump he IS NOT a subject of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe

— When Rosenstein visited the White House last week, he told the president he was not under investigation for the second time.

— Rosenstein brought up the investigations himself and the revelation has assured the president that doesn’t need to fire Rod Rosenstein or Mueller.

2. One more time, Republicans in Alabama have already rejected Roy Moore

— Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) are constantly floating the idea that Moore is a dominant force in Alabama politics in spite of losing an election any other Republican would have won because Republicans stayed home.

— Moore’s 640,000 votes under-performed Trump’s 1.3 million votes in 2016 by roughly 50 percent, while now-Senator Doug Jones turned out more than 90 percent of Hillary Clinton’s votes.

3. Alabama kills killer over objection of killer’s attorney that it is cruel to kill an old killer

— The U.S. Supreme Court has denied the killer appeals for the bombing death of a federal judge; they also lifted its Thursday evening stay which had delayed the execution.

— Yellowhammer News Editor J. Pepper Bryars says we should bring back public executions.

4. Huntsville mayor Tommy Battle takes on Gov. Kay Ivey’s role in the PACT fiasco

— In a recent campaign video Battle compares Huntsville’s finances to those of Alabama’s Prepaid Affordable College Tuition, which was busted.

— This avenue of attack is effective, but its basis in reality is a bit questionable because the program existed before she had any role in it.

5. Former FBI Director James Comey has walked back his comments about Russia having dirt on President Trump

— Comey told ABC George Stephanopulos that it was “possible” that Russians had dirt on Trump.

— When asked this question again, for some reason, Comey told CNN’s Jake Tapper that it was “unlikely, but possible”.

6. It looks like former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe could be looking at more than just losing his pension

— When McCabe was fired, the reaction was one of horror as the conventional wisdom said it was a mean and punitive decision to punish him.

— It now appears that James Comey’s #2 has been submitted for prosecution by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General for lying to investigators multiple times.

7. Alabama’s “poop train” is no more

— The train was filled with excrement byproduct from New York City and was headed for the Big Sky landfill, but was stuck in Parrish. It is now gone.

— New York will not be sending poop to Alabama for the near future, however, its citizens will be allowed to visit.

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