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6 holiday trends to help you celebrate the season at home

This holiday season is expected to inspire simple comforts and heartwarming family traditions. As we look ahead to what hopefully will be a more “normal” December, six holiday trends have emerged that will help you have your home merry and bright in no time.


Farmhouse neutrals

There is something to be said for that cozy farmhouse vibe that feels like a warm embrace during the holidays.  Incorporating decor into the existing interior color scheme is a trend that has continued to gain popularity. According to Google Trends, searches for farmhouse Christmas ideas are up 400% over the last five years.  You don’t have to go all out with red and green if that is not your everyday aesthetic. Use white, gray, black, navy, natural wood and neutral tones to enhance your home’s design elements and create an inviting holiday setting.


(Markus Spiske/Unsplash)

Throwback to the classics

From classic Christmas movies to holiday decor, expect nostalgic trends this season. Perhaps living through a global pandemic has created an even greater appreciation for tradition. Vintage items are making a comeback, so break out that collection of ceramic Christmas trees, antique brooches and china, and use prime placement for old-school ornaments.



(Casey Chae/Unsplash)

Embrace DIY

Rustic, homemade decorations and gifts are the natural outcome of a pandemic-inspired crafting craze. Grab that glue gun and let the DIY spirit soar. Hand-made wreaths, garland, table scapes and of course baked goods will be abundant this year. Gathering at home is perfect for holiday projects the whole family can enjoy.




(Addy Mae/Unsplash)

Bring the outside in

After experiencing a year like 2020 that felt never-ending, 2021 seems to be flying by at a breakneck pace. Embrace simplicity this holiday season by bringing the outdoors in and creating an environment for all the senses. The sound of a roaring fire, the smell of fresh cedar and pine, the calming effect of wool throws, woven baskets, wood and felt decor.




(David Emrich/Unsplash)

Charlie Brown gets his tree

Blame it on our desire to simplify, but the sparse and gorgeous Charlie Brown Christmas tree is back. The naturalistic take reminds us less is more and brings out the minimalist trend in a way that is quite suiting for a holiday at home.




(Toa Heftiba/Unsplash)

Thoughtful gifts

Experiences will be at the forefront of gift giving this year as people look to make up for lost time during pandemic restrictions. Look for creative ideas that match personal interests such as events, cooking classes, concerts, music lessons, spa services and even subscriptions to online learning. This holiday season is about doing things rather than having things. Whether big or small, the cliche stands true – it really is the thought that counts.


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