LET THIS SINK IN: Even some euthanasia advocates are saying, ‘Stop! how did we get here, killing people who don’t want to die?’



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TOM LAMPRECHT: Harry, there are a number of stories I want to take you to today, which come out of CNS News, Life News, World Magazine and The Daily Wire. They deal with the pro-life movement and they deal with euthanasia.

Let me give you one headline out of Life News: “Planned Parenthood already hates the Trump administration but they will hate it even more when they discover the administration will be diverting sex education funds to abstinence programs.”

DR. REEDER: Actually, they’ve already started doing this, both the Health Department leadership and the Education Department leadership under Trump. I don’t know what role he is playing in it other than he has positioned some very effective leaders in these areas.

And one of the things that is happening is the elevation and the teaching of abstinence until marriage with ethical dimensions as well as medical benefits. Of course, Planned Parenthood, any time there is abstinence, their business just goes down. They are not in the business of reducing abortions — they’re in the business of doing abortions and the normalization of abortion.

And so, they will clearly strike back at this and, I am waiting on the Republicans that have been elected on a platform that said, “We will defund Planned Parenthood,” I’m waiting on them to do it and I’m grateful that it’s already happening on the state level.


TOM LAMPRECHT: Harry, perhaps one of the reasons the Trump administration wants to promote abstinence programs is reflected in an article in CNS News: “Babies born to unmarried women, in Mississippi, that percentage is 53.2%, Louisiana 52%, New Mexico 51.1%, nationwide 39.8% of babies born are to unmarried mothers.”

DR. REEDER: Tom, the statistic that you just surfaced is just simply an unsurprising result of the sexual revolution. The sexual revolution, which is why abortion is so important to the current sexual revolution in the culture, because when you have sex, you will have children and you get the result of a child that’s not wanted, then you’ve got to have abortion to get rid of the inconvenient and the unwanted and that’s why abortion has become the sacrament of the secularist movement and the sexual revolution.

You have the “live together culture” — which we used to call “shacking up” — that now is embraced as a normal way of life and courtship. The result is, of course, what? That’d be children outside of marriage so now a child comes into the world and the child is not illegitimate, but the arrangement of the parents is illegitimate and it’s wrong and it will have an effect in the life of the child.

And guess what happens? Now we have an entire generation growing up in abject depression. Why is that? One of the contributing reasons is broken homes and the attempt to normalize children in homes where either the parents of the children are not married and without a covenantal commitment for life or where there is the absence of a parent or that we put them in “same-sex” homes in which there is the absence of either a father or a mother by definition.


TOM LAMPRECHT: Harry, let me switch gears a little bit here and go from the abortion issue and the pro-life issue to the euthanasia issue, which obviously are related. “Health care professionals in Canada are increasingly being approached by parents of never-competent infants and children — including those too young to make reasonable decisions — to discuss whether or not these children, what they call “mature minors,” should be put to death via euthanasia if they’re imperfect.

DR. REEDER: And, Tom, it’s right for you to connect those two because just stop and think about what is being said. Now, this is a law that was introduced with all the assurances that, “All we’re talking about is doctors assisting people who obviously are dying, who don’t want to go through the throes of death and they want a doctor to simply put them to death as painlessly as possible, ‘death with dignity.’”

And so, it was put in place with all the assurances that’s all that’s desired. No, now we find out that they wanted people who have mental derangements that those who are their guardians can speak for them and their need to be put to death and now we’re moving into the area of adolescents. The first step is to the “mature minors,” if they want to be put to death.

Well, to begin with, to want to be put to death as a minor is not mature — that is an oxymoronic statement to begin with — but what we really have now is the fact that you’re going to have people who are making decisions of what minors are saying in depression about their life to take their life and they can overrule parents with this law — parents who would intervene to say, “No, you can’t do that.”

And you’re right to tie this back to abortion because now we have mandated abortions as well as elective abortions of the inconvenient and the unwanted. Well, now we have children who were born wanted but now have become unwanted and now, if they become unwanted, there’s an avenue to get rid of them as well.


TOM LAMPRECHT: In fact, it’s gotten so bad over in Belgium that you have euthanasia advocates rebelling against the movement because of individuals who don’t want to die but are being put to death.

DR. REEDER: Even some euthanasia advocates see where the needle has been moved and say, “Oh my goodness, how did it get there?” By common grace, they’ve got some common sense in this regard. It’s a long way away, Tom, from when you and I were children and there was the Hemlock Society that argued for people’s privacy to put themselves to death and now we have destroyed the medical profession, which has now become a profession that has violated its very first ethic, which is to do no harm and now the profession can be hired out as assassins in the womb and assassins at the end of life. That is a demoralizing effect upon the entire profession that used to be held in esteem for the lengths that it would go to in order to save life, promote life, and preserve life.


TOM LAMPRECHT: Harry, we’ve talked about before how, in certain European countries, you do not see any children with Downs Syndrome — they literally have all be aborted. Let’s end with some good news today. The Gerber Baby Food Company has decided to select this year’s Gerber Baby that will appear on their jars of baby food: a baby with Downs Syndrome.

DR. REEDER: Not long ago, there was the trumpeting news that Downs Syndrome children are decreasing in society in number. Isn’t that wonderful? No, it’s not. The reason they are decreasing as a factor of society is because we are killing them. In some countries, over 90 percent of the children who are diagnosed with Downs Syndrome through pregnancy testing, are now put to death. That’s why we don’t see them in society is because we are killing them before they can get into this society because these precious children are declared as unwanted and inconvenient because of their imperfections.


I would love for people to experience these precious children. They started with me with a little Downs Syndrome child in my first church. I had one Downs Syndrome child, Peter, who would greet me every day coming from the sessional prayer time on the way to the pulpit and make me stop while he banged down on the piano. I don’t know what he played and he didn’t know what he was playing, but he was convinced it was “Jesus Loves Me, This I Know.” And he would sing it and then he’d say, “Okay, Preacher, you can go now.”

From then on, I just said, “I’ve got to be involved in special needs ministry,” and I’m grateful that we’re able to do that. And I love the fact there’s always the Gerber Baby of the Year. Not only is the child beautiful, not only is the child attractive and not only is the child clearly a Downs Syndrome child but the child is placed there as one who is worthy of affirmation because the child is made in the image of God. And, yes, sin’s curse has marred the child’s physical capabilities, but you would be surprised how easy it is for a Downs Syndrome child to understand the Gospel and respond to the fact that Jesus loves them.

I am so grateful that Gerber, against a lot of opposition, had the courage to do that. I was diagnosed with an ulcer when I was in the third grade — my parents may have thought I was the ulcer but, no, I was diagnosed with an ulcer — and I remember my doctor put me on a diet and the diet included Gerber Baby Custard. And I have loved Gerber Baby Custard ever since so I’m going to go out and buy some Baby Custard to tell them I appreciate what they’ve done as a statement for the sanctity of life and the dignity of boys and girls made in the image of God even when inconvenient, even when imperfect.

Dr. Harry L. Reeder III is the Senior Pastor of Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham.

This podcast was transcribed by Jessica Havin, editorial assistant for Yellowhammer News. Jessica has transcribed some of the top podcasts in the country and her work has been featured in a New York Times Bestseller.


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Evidence mounts of full-scale Russian campaign to undermine American energy

The U.S. government for the first time ever blamed Russia for hacking into American energy infrastructure. The Trump administration action comes a little over two weeks after a House committee detailed Russian attempts to influence energy markets.

U.S. officials said a “multi-stage intrusion campaign by Russian government cyber actors” that began in March 2016, possibly earlier, is part of a campaign to target critical infrastructure, including energy, nuclear and aviation facilities.


The FBI and Department of Homeland Security on Thursday said hackers targeted small facilities “where they staged malware, conducted spear phishing, and gained remote access into energy sector networks,” Reuters reported.

It’s the first time the U.S. has directly called out Moscow for infrastructure hacking. It’s still unclear whether or not the hacks were successful or led to any damage, and the security alert did not name the companies targeted.

The Trump administration condemnation comes more than two weeks after the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology found Russian agents used social media outlets to embolden opposition to American energy production.

“Russia exploited American social media as part of its concerted effort to disrupt U.S. energy markets and influence domestic energy policy,” reads the committee’s report on Russian activities.

The committee found accounts linked to the Internet Research Agency (IRA), a Russian troll farm, published 9,097 social media posts from 2015 to 2017 targeting energy policies and projects. Thirteen Russians connected to IRA were indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller.

“The IRA targeted pipelines, fossil fuels, climate change, and other divisive issues to influence public policy in the U.S.,” the House committee found.

For years, Republicans and energy industry experts have worried Russian money was being used to undermine U.S. energy policy.

Intelligence officials confirmed in early 2017 in a declassified report on election meddling that the state-owned media outlet Russia Today (RT) ran “anti-fracking programming, highlighting environmental issues and the impacts on public health.”

The House committee began the investigation in 2017 and asked Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to investigate whether or not Russians were using an offshore Bermuda-based law firm to funnel money to U.S. environmental groups.

Lawmakers asked Mnuchin to investigate whether or not the U.S.-based environmental group, the Sea Change Foundation, took $23 million from a Bermuda-based shell company with ties to Russian oligarchs in 2010 and 2011.

Sea Change gave millions to U.S.-based environmental groups, including the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters. All of those groups oppose hydraulic fracturing.

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VIDEO: PA-18’s lessons — dangerous teachers — student walkouts … and more on Guerrilla Politics

Radio talk show host Dale Jackson and Dr. Waymon Burke take you through this week’s biggest political stories including:

— Were the results in Pennsylvania’s special election a rejection of Trump or Pelosi?

— Why did the executive director of the state’s superintendent association imply teachers were unstable and dangerous?

— Will the student walkouts bring about some real change on gun issues?

Clayton Hinchman joins Jackson and Burke to discuss his campaign for Congress in Alabama’s 5th Congressional District.

Jackson closes the show with a “Parting Shot” directed at Hillary Clinton where he begs her never stop talking.

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AlabamaWorks! is holding a career event for students to learn about jobs in the state

Edie Gibson and Antiqua Cleggett talk “Worlds of Work at SkillsUSA” which will be held April 24-25 at the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Complex.

Worlds of Work at SkillsUSA is designed to help 8-12th grade students “connect the dots” and clearly identify steps toward a college or career pathway as they enter their high school education.

More information is available here.

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Wounded Warrior running for Alabama State House representing Chambers and Lee Counties

Back in 2003, while U.S. Army Specialist Todd Rauch and his buddies were patrolling the streets of Abu Ghraib, an Iraqi city made famous by its notorious prison, a remotely-detonated mortar exploded near his patrol. His right shoulder and hand were severely injured in the blast.

Rauch was eventually flown to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., and endured 12 surgeries to save his limbs from amputation.

He is now running as a Republican for the State House of Representatives district representing Chambers and Lee Counties.

So how did this Illinois-native find himself running for office in Alabama?

While recovering at the hospital, Rauch’s roommate was from Fort Payne and “all he talked about was Auburn and Auburn and Auburn,” Rauch told Yellowhammer News.


Rauch soon recovered from his injuries, and then his plans for a transition to civilian life became all about … Auburn, Auburn, Auburn.

“I applied to Auburn and felt like it was a good place to get a fresh start,” he said

Rauch studied psychology at Auburn University, with the intention of working in veteran services or military intelligence. He then worked for a time as an intelligence analyst and then began working in veterans’ services, helping his brothers and sisters in arms receive the benefits they were promised.

He’s running on a platform strengthening communities.

Rauch has a firm conviction that a community’s representative ought to be more present in the community itself, something he said he hasn’t seen much at the 75 city and county commission meetings he has attended over the last few years.

“I realized that there was no one there who was representing us in Montgomery to take those voices and those issue and those problems to Montgomery,” he said.

Rauch has put improving jobs and education among his platform principles.

He is a stanch supporter of the community college system, of which both he and his wife are products.

“It’s a good and affordable way to get your education and to get experience in college without jumping into a four-year university,” he said.

Rauch also supports expanding broadband access to rural areas. He said it is critical to the development of rural areas that have little internet and cell service.

“You’re not able to do your banking,” he said. “Some of these people aren’t even able to have home security systems because some of that works off of cell service.”

With the campaign motto, “Community. Country. Service,” Rauch said he wants to work to improve life for his constituents, and by extension, the rest of the state and country.

“Focusing on the community creates better environment for the kids, inspires better leaders, and provides better community for our state, and provides a better state for our country,” he said.

The GOP primary is June 5.

(Image: Todd Rauch for Alabama/Facebook)

The conservative alternative to Martha Roby gains momentum as Terry Everett, lawmakers endorse Barry Moore

State Rep. Barry Moore’s campaign for Congress recently received strong endorsements from the district’s former congressman and a dozen of Alabama’s most conservative state lawmakers.

“Since I left Congress, government has grown, our representation has wavered, and District 2 values have been casted aside,” said former Republican Congressman Terry Everett, who represented the district from 1993-2009. “We need to make a change, and I am privileged to support Representative Barry Moore for Congress.”

Everett’s powerful endorsement comes days after 12 of the state’s most conservative lawmakers gathered in Montgomery to endorse Barry Moore, whose conservative record they witnessed firsthand while working alongside him in the State Legislature.

Wetumpka State Rep. Mike Holmes told reporters that the district has “an opportunity to send a strong, unapologetic conservative to Washington,” and Montgomery State Rep. Dimitri Polizos agreed, saying that Moore is a “proven conservative leader” who will “stand with President Trump and give our district the representation it deserves.”

Visit Barry Moore’s website, his Facebook page and @RepBarryMoore on Twitter to learn why Terry Everett and others believe in his vision to Make Alabama Great Again!

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