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‘Clown show’: Alabama Senate candidates react to Democratic debate

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The Democrats running for their party’s presidential nomination met in Atlanta on Wednesday night for a debate.

Yellowhammer News reached out to the Alabama Senate candidates to find out what they thought of the debate, which mostly focused on ideas that Alabama’s Senate candidates agreed was a threat to conservatism.

Former Chief Justice Roy Moore said he watched earlier Democratic debates but did not plan to watch Wednesday’s debate.

He added, “I’m sure this debate will focus on the President’s Impeachment. I have no need or desire to listen further to an agenda which would certainly lead to the destruction of our Country and the removal of our President. The Democrat Party does not represent  the conservative values of the people of the state of Alabama.”

In a statement, former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions lamented the lack of talk to secure the nation’s border at the debate and the Democrats’ plans to “cripple our economy.”

“The Democrats in this debate proposed not one measure to secure our border, but instead advocated for raising taxes, outlawing private health insurance, named ‘climate change’ the top ‘threat’ to America, and promised to pursue nationwide gun control,” Sessions said in an email to Yellowhammer. “Their plans would cripple our economy, degrade our healthcare, and destroy our 1st and 2nd Amendment freedoms. Alabama’s choice is clear; we need to put America first and reelect President Trump in 2020.”

U.S. Rep. Bradley Byrne (AL-01) reacted to the debate, saying it shows “just how much of a fight” Republicans are in.

He told Yellowhammer, “The latest debate showed just how much of a fight we are in. The values we care about and our way of life are under attack by the radical Democrats. I’m the only candidate in the Senate race fighting back every single day against the Socialist agenda and standing up for President Trump. We need a fighter to go toe-to-toe with Doug Jones and his radical Democrat Party.”

Former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville said he did not have the chance to watch “the latest edition of the Democratic clown show.”

I have not had a chance to watch the latest edition of the Democratic clown show since I’ve been on the road campaigning. I’m sure Doug Jones is watching and cheering. The socialist and career politicians are so out of touch,” he declared.

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill ripped the Democrats’ “socialist message” that he argued would not advance the country.

The Democratic debate that was held last evening is a great example of how these candidates continue to believe that the government can provide for everyone’s needs,” he advised. “President Ronald Reagan said ‘A government that is big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have!’ The Democrat message is a socialist message and not one for the advancement of our republic as we know it!”

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