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Voter fraud allegations in Phenix City cause complications for runoff election…Huntsville weather dips as low as 21 degrees…and more



There is a group supporting Senate nominee Roy Moore and is fundraising off President Donald Trump’s near-endorsement of him. An email from Solution Fund PAC with the subject line “Giving thanks for YOU and OUR PRESIDENT!” notes Trump’s last words before leaving the White House to celebrate Thanksgiving, including “strong words of support for Roy Moore.” Tuesday, Trump insisted repeatedly that voters must not support Moore’s “liberal” opponent Mountain Brook’s Doug Jones.

The Alabama Supreme Court re-schedules an execution today for convicted cop killer Vernon Madison, who will be put to death on Jan. 25. A court had previously ruled that Madison couldn’t be executed because multiple strokes left him unable to understand his death sentence. Madison was convicted in the 1985 killing of Mobile Police Officer Julius Schulte.

The National Weather Service (NWS) in Huntsville reports temperatures dipped as low as 21 degrees in some areas Sunday night and Monday morning, marking the end of the growing season in Alabama. A hard freeze is when the temperature drops below 28 degrees and is sustained for at least three hours. The Alabama Cooperative Extension System says this first killing freeze of the year came slightly later than last year but was still within a normal range of time.

Regarding his first comments on Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore, President Trump says “we don’t need a liberal person in there, a Democrat,” namely Moore’s opponent Doug Jones. As the President was leaving the White House for Florida, he was asked by a reporter, “Mr. President, is an accused child molester better than a Democrat? Is an accused child molester…” He replied by saying, “Well he denies it. Look, he denies it.”

One day after voter fraud allegations came to light in Phenix City, leaders and voters decided to get to the bottom of the voter fraud allegations surrounding the recent special election for a Phenix City council seat. According to Phenix City Police, 52 people who do not live in Phenix City were able to vote in the special election, using their business addresses to register as voters. The runoff election between Baxley Oswalt and Vickey Carter Johnson for the Phenix City Council is set for Dec. 19. The registrar’s office must update the list, making sure all the ineligible voters are removed. If it is not done by then, the runoff could be postponed.