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Merrill responds to voter fraud concerns…Four medical workers indicted on charges for running a pill mill in Montgomery…and more



Secretary of State John Merrill responds to concerns about voter fraud after sample ballots filled out for Democrat Doug Jones are found at a probate office in Bullock County. Merrill spoke with Michael Hart on WYDE this morning, saying there are two things to know about the situation: one, that the ballots were only sample ballots, not real ones, and two, that the probate judge acted quickly to the problem when it was brought to his attention and destroyed them. Merrill then said he is confident in the integrity of those trained in running the state elections and voting precincts.

Four medical workers are indicted on a charge of assisting a doctor in Montgomery run a pill mill. Julio Delgado, Lillian Akwuba, Steven Cox and Elizabeth Cronier were arrested on Tuesday and charged with conspiracy and healthcare fraud. One of those arrested is a doctor and the other three are nurse practitioners. The arrests come after Dr. Gilberto Sanchez pleaded guilty last week to running the pill mill from his office in Montgomery.

Three people are arrested for trying to smuggle drugs into a state prison. 28-year-old Christopher Wilson, 21-year-old Shiane Bambinelli and 21-year-old Kelsey Smith were taken into custody at the Kilby Correctional Facility in Montgomery County. One person was spotted near the prison fence. A tracking dog located Wilson. Officers spotted a vehicle leaving the area with the other two suspects. Drugs were found in their possession.