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Absentee ballot deadline in two days…Alabama joins 11 other states in egg wars against California…Recall is issued on baby water…and more



The deadline is coming in two days for absentee voters wanting to vote in the upcoming special election. Applications for an absentee ballot must be filled out and submitted by this Thursday. Ballots must be filled in, submitted and postmarked no later than Dec. 11. Ballot applications can be found on the Secretary of State website.

Alabama is joining 11 other states in the egg wars against the state of California. The dozen states are appealing to the US Supreme Court to block a law in California that prohibits eggs from coming to the state that are not from free range hens. The lawsuit claims the state violates the US Constitution Interstate Commerce Clause and undermines federal law.

A school bus crash in Liberty County, Georgia, kills at least one student. The bus went off the road, hitting a tree and landing into a ditch this morning on the way to school. 21 students were on board at the time. Those students have been taken to the hospital. Rescue crews took over an hour to extricate the bus driver from the scene.

A recall is issued by Kroger for bottled water for babies. The water is called Comforts for Baby purified water with fluoride added. Kroger is making the recall due to complaints of mold in the water. The product is distributed in the state of Alabama. Kroger is offering a refund for the product.

On this day in 1935 in Alabama history, the Alabama Highway Patrol was created by Governor Bibb Graves. The patrol started out with 12 motorcycle officers. Four years later under Governor Frank Dixon, the patrol unit expanded its arresting powers and modernized with weapons such as the 12-gauge semi-automatic sawed-off shotgun, Thompson submachine guns and long-range rifles.