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Moore’s Campaign Blasts Jones for Apologizing for Alabama

In a press release today, the campaign for U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore blistered his opponent, Democrat Doug Jones, who reportedly told yesterday,  “I’m tired of Alabama being an embarrassment around the country.”

Moore’s Campaign Chairman Bill Armistead responded this afternoon.

“Alabama needs a senator in Washington who is proud of this state, someone who will be a strong ambassador for Alabama. We don’t need an Obama-like senator who goes on an apology tour for Alabama like President Obama did for America.  Doug Jones’ comments are reminiscent of the condescending remarks made by Barack Obama about people who bitterly cling to their guns and religion. “Yet it makes sense in a way: Doug Jones is a left-wing extremist who told MSNBC he doesn’t support any restrictions on abortion. He clearly has little in common with the values of most Alabamians – so his disdain for our state is as sincere as his beliefs are extreme.”

“A lifelong Alabamian, Roy Moore served this state and our country with distinction as an Army officer in Vietnam,” Armistead said. “Roy Moore will be a proud ambassador in Washington for our values and our people, should the people of this great state elect him senator on December 12th.”